The Bloom Experience

I tell people I'm in Bloom 

Despite having led a full and varied life of which I’m proud, it didn’t fill my hidden desires. I spent years suppressing and procrastinating dreams and goals that I thought were out of my reach.

Since officially retiring, I’ve been more active, focused and disciplined than ever before towards identifying what I really want to do with my time.

I'm living The Bloom Experience and want to share it and encourage other people to do the same.

What makes my heart beat faster? Gives me goosebumps? Gets me up in the morning? Fills me with purpose and happiness? Feeds my soul? How can I nourish the seeds that were planted long ago and feel them bloom as they break through?

That's what I call The Bloom Experience.

While performing and sharing my songs and stories, I've realized that many people share these same feelings. Seems we're comfortable in the shadows of fear, but afraid to step into the light.  Is it your time to Bloom?

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I'm stirred but not shaken,   I’m alive and my spirit's awakened  

I'm stirred but not shaken,   I am history in the making  

I'm stirred but not shaken 

Also, I formed a Facebook group called Bloomers to gather kindred spirits together to share their goals, learn from and inspire each other. Check out to join our group. We'll grow together.

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