Sharman Nittoli

This collection of 9 mostly original light jazz tunes includes 2 unique covers of vintage hits, ‘Wanna Be With U” by Dusty Springfield and the classic “More Today Than Yesterday” by the Spiral Staircase. The title song is dedicated to Sharman and Alfred’s beloved Llewellin Setter, Gaetano. Great band – Sharman on vocals and piano, Jerry Bruno & Joel McLeod on bass, Bucky Pizzarelli & Mark Bowers on guitar, Joe Cass and Thomas "Poet" Johnson on drums, George Young on sax, Frank Valdes on percussion and Alfred Nittoli, also producer, on Yamaha DW7 Wind synthesizer.

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You can purchase the CD or individual tracks for Unconditionally by clicking on Amazon or iTunes

Double Standards

Sharman & Alfred Nittoli

This CD contains 9 clever pairings of two lyrically related songs intertwined together produced and performed by Sharman and husband, musician/actor, Alfred Nittoli. You’ll recognize many of the songs though disguised by unusual rhythms, tempos, chords and harmonies. Terrific band – David Kikoski and Sharman on piano, Sue Williams on bass, Warren Odze, Frank Vincent, Harry Conyers & RT Roche on drums, Alfred on Sax sections, guest appearances by Dennis Gruenling on harmonica, George Young on soprano & tenor sax, Artie Schroeck on vibes and Joe Passaro on percussion.

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You can purchase the CD or individual tracks for Double Standards by clicking on Amazon or iTunes.


Trumpets Jazz Restaurant, Montclair, NJ 

Here's an edited performance of a show at Trumpets, Dave Kikoski on piano, Richard Baratta on drums, Sue Williams on bass, Emedin Rivera on percussion, Alfred on sax and vocals and myself on piano & vocals. 

Pugnose Dream 

A campy song about being happy with who you are performed in the style of Jimmy Durante by veteran comedian Bobby D'Andrea, written & produced by Alfred & myself.