My Bloom

I tell people I’m in Bloom. 

The idea came from my mother’s green room. She spent hours in it. It was her passion, tending to her beloved plants. 

Each day would start with a visit where she would joyfully say, “Good morning my sweet babies! Who’s thirsty today?” Arms opened wide enough to embrace an elephant with a smile like a child finding a forgotten present under the Christmas tree two days late, she was at peace in her green sanctuary. 

“You never talk to us like that,” I often thought; still, her devotion and joy were infectious. 

Over time, I could tell by the gradual neglect of her “babies” that my mom was failing. She could no longer wield the water bucket filled to the top using a wall faucet that my father had installed for her. For her birthday, my sweet husband bought her a new invention—a water spray with an extra long hose—the perfect gift! Now, she could sit in her wheelchair, make her rounds, and continue her routine.

The idea of the perfect gift certainly changes as years pass. 

One day while I was helping her, she exclaimed, “Oh my!  Look, a new baby! I wondered if I would see it again.” She was talking to a very temperamental African Violet who seldom bloomed (Notice I said “who” not “that”—I’d been converted). Tears ran down her cheeks over that single bud. 

I questioned her about the trade-off. “That’s a lot of work for a small gain, no? They only bloom once a year!” 

“You’re wrong, Shash,” she said, “That’s the point of life—to Bloom. It’s not how often, or how much, but just be sure you do.”  Her words touched me. I wrote it down, knowing that one day I would find a use for it. 

Now I have by completing a song cycle about my journey into my Bloom—energized, alive, confident, and able to identify and live my purpose, my passion. Even though I've enjoyed different careers in my life, and excelled at my work, now is the best time ever. Sure, I would love to have my body at age 21, but not that head! Love this head right now, wrinkles, bags, spots and all. 

Think about it. Are you in Bloom? Have you planted seeds begging to be watered? I surely hope so.

It took me a long time to get here and I'm going to tell you how I did it through my songs and stories. Enjoy a free download of the first song, “Bloom”. It best expresses how I feel now.