Blog 4: Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With Doin’ Nothin’ 

“Don’t remember the last time we let the world go, 

from ‘Let Me Show You Now’  from the Bloom CD 

I’m a list maker. Every day I have things that need to be done, could be done, should be done but can wait, you get the idea. I’ve learned to put myself at the top of the list. Sometimes I have to spend time learning new computer programs that will ultimately help with project completion and marketing. What I never anticipate is the ENORMOUS amount of time needed to get there! Often I hire an expert to talk to me ‘Sesame Street style,’ or go to the experts, YouTube Tutorials, definitely worthy of a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. How many people have been spared depression, anxiety and temporary insanity by the information found there? Even when given by someone ¼ my age that I can barely hear or understand, as long as there’s a good visual presentation, I’m golden - brings me a lot of peace. 

Here was my day yesterday; 

  1. Total email malfunction -  1 ½ hr. tech support; all emails on all phones and computers not allowing password login – and I am NOT changing them again. 
  2. Pro Tools music recording problem – 1 hr. training; something simple, but not simple for me 
  3. Mail Chimp Marketing – 2 hr. trial and error and tech support thru ‘chat’ service. Don’t even get me started.  A real struggle but I finally completed my first mass mailing. Whoo whoo. 
  4. Email Marketing Seminar Online – 1 hr.; my lists aren’t growing, what to do? 
  5. Printer problem – 2 hr.; Print head went one month after warranty expiration. Had to buy a new one and, God help me, install it. Again, ‘chat’ tech support. Don’t get me started. 

7 ½ damn hours of tech training. Caught up on the news for an hour, and it did nothing for my mental equilibrium. 

Know what I didn’t do? Walk my dog, relax with my husband, read my new book, play piano, sing, create.  Was supposed to start recording my new CD “Bloom” today, and I’ve been preparing the studio, making sure everything was A-OK. Plans fell through and you know what? I was almost relieved. Been so busy getting ‘tech ready’ that I haven’t really sat with my music and gotten ‘head’ ready. My brain was hurting. What was I missing? Simple Joy. 

Today is a truly beautiful, perfect Fall day. Ideal temperature, blue skies, lovely breeze. After a nice long walk with my boy, Gaetano, I sat outside with him and read my book, bundled in an old shawl, soaking up the sun, sipping vanilla honey herbal tea, allowing myself to let go and relax. Planning on chillin’ later with my husband, Alfred, in whatever way we choose. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with doin’ nothin’ once in a while. Must put it on my list. 

“Used to be, baby you and me made the time to love and play 

Now it’s busy, busy all day long, and time seems to slip away 

Don’t remember the last time we kissed from head to toe, 

Let me show you now, let me show you how.” 

Anybody feel pressure from tech trouble? Feel free to share, we can all learn from each other. 

My free download this week is called “Let Me Show You Now”.  

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