What is the Bloom Experience?

I'm grateful. I've led a life filled with diverse opportunities and challenges at which I've done very well. And yet, it didn’t satisfy my hidden desires. I spent years suppressing and procrastinating dreams and goals that I thought were foolish and out of reach. I've found this to be a common theme among hard-working, creative people.


Since officially retiring, I’ve been more active, focused and disciplined than ever before. I finally identified what I really want to do with my time and I'm actually doing it!  In fact, The Bloom Experience was one the seeds I planted long ago in my mother's green room and it took almost 20 years to blossom. I'm loving this time and I want to encourage other people to do the same. 

To do what?

That thing that makes my heart beat faster, gives me goosebumps, gets me up in the morning or the middle of the night with new ideas, fills me with purpose and happiness, feeds my soul. Know what I'm talking about? That feeling that I'm energized, breaking new ground, expanding and fulfilling my purpose and goals? 

That's what I call The Bloom Experience. 

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