Sometimes, songs just flow out of a composer effortlessly, like this one.

There are trade-offs to being in the senior phase of my life.

The strength and peace I now feel is best expressed in the lyrics of this song.

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I live each day and don't take 'em for granted 

Reapin' the rewards of every seed I planted 

Ain't got nothing to prove, oh no,  

don't wait for no one to phone me 

Time's on the move, I know, but I won't let it own me 

Wrinkles & lines, I’ve got my share, 

Visible signs of my savior faire 

And like the dry martini of double 0 seven 


I'm stirred but not shaken,  

I’m alive and my spirit's awakened 

I'm stirred but not shaken,  

I am history in the making 

I'm stirred but not shaken 

Got things to do that I've puttin' off too long 

My emotional IQ is finally balanced & strong 

I'm past 4 times ten, so what, age is just a number 

Ain't no mother hen, I'm red hot & cool as a cucumber 

Aches & pains, I’ve got my share,  

Beauty and brains, experience to spare 

And like the dry martini of double 0 seven 



They say hindsight is twenty-twenty 

My eyes were open - didn’t mean that I could see 

I was Insecure, like a scared, little bird 

Constantly shaken but never stirred 

Bumpy rides I’ve had my share,  

now I take ‘em in stride with a smile & prayer 

And like the dry martini of double 0 seven 


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