I asked myself this question almost every day for the longest time. Through determination and help from a variety of sources,  I can honestly say that I've answered it. I'm living The Bloom Experience.  

The Program

That answer evolved into an inspirational, joyful 45-minute program of original songs and stories that I sing and accompany myself on piano to a variety of audiences.   Many people who attend are retired, and often leave refired, inspired and refreshed with renewed ideas about how to live energized lives and pursue their own Bloom Experience. No dream is too simple or small.  They often relate to some of my reasons why they've procrastinated fulfilling their dreams and begin to identify steps to take to plant their seeds, step out of the shade, take their place in the sun and Bloom.   

What I stand for   

  • No matter the limitations, burdens, age or chaos in the world, people deserve to live wonderful, purposeful lives.  
  • I’m a world class procrastinator and have learned some skills and gained insight that I’m anxious to share.  
  • My purpose is to help people achieve their own Bloom Experience.   

Why? Because people in Bloom make a happier world. Would you like to find out more? 

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